Castle Bromwich Cricket Club ~ Warwickshire Cricket League


Spring Calendar 2017


Summer Hours soon



               FRIDAY                 16.00 – 23.00


                                                                                                           SATURDAY            13.30 – 19.00


                                                                                                            SUNDAY                13.30 – 19.00 with occasional 22.00


                                                 From April onwards

                                                                           TUESDAY               18.00 - 22.00




















































































































































































































































































































































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Castle Bromwich Cricket Club

Founded in 1953 Castle Bromwich Cricket Club is located in the heart of Castle Bromwich. At present the club has four adult cricket teams – three teams on a Saturday and one Sunday team.

Castle Bromwich Cricket Club places great pride in promoting and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved with grass roots sports with current membership at approximately 100 plus active members.

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