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Chris in full flight!

Happy Chappy

Having a Carefree Time?

The Money Pit

Another of Ian's bright ideas!

A Bar at the 10 Star Hotel

Still Pretty

What happens when names are drawn from a hat!!

More top order Bar-coding!

A Pretty Ground at Lodway

A Team? Picture

Ready for action

A Late-comer enjoying his lolly

The sun gleaming off Don's weathered brow

The world famous Brean Down Inn

A picture for Corley Fans!


Are we stuck?

Who's Idea?

Are you sure?

What Skill!!!

The name is Hamilton

The intrepid Fred & Drier Matt

I was Right!!!

Still Looks Damp!

Looks a bit damp

Built by Terry?

Over There!

Think Tank at Terror Castle

Look what I've found!

Big Gob

A Fit Athlete preparing for Bar-Coding

Even More Deep Thoughting

The wisdom of Don at Fines

Simon's Guests

Bristol Babes


Winter Calendar 2019





               FRIDAY                 16.00 – 20.00


                                                                                                           SATURDAY            13.30 – 19.00


                                                                                                            SUNDAY                13.30 – 19.00 




















































































































































































































































































































































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Castle Bromwich Cricket Club

Founded in 1953 Castle Bromwich Cricket Club is located in the heart of Castle Bromwich. At present the club has four adult cricket teams – three teams on a Saturday and one Sunday team.

Castle Bromwich Cricket Club places great pride in promoting and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved with grass roots sports with current membership at approximately 100 plus active members.

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