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Development Plan

2017 Three Year Plan - Including June 2018 update

As part of the re-qualification of Clubmark this Development Plan will be reviewed & where appropriate amended or replaced.






Whilst maintaining the broad objectives of the 2017 plan it was agreed that more detail was required especially around the area of club financial security going forward.


It was agreed that highly seasonal nature of club income should be identified as a risk and that the following actions would be undertaken with some urgency: -


  1. The treasurer’s policy of making standard value monetary payments to regular suppliers would continue and where appropriate would be expanded after discussion with other suppliers. The benefit of this policy is that financial forecasting would be more predictable and therefore easier to highlight possible financial shortfalls.
  2. ALL bar expenditure during the winter months (November through March) would be agreed by the Bar Manager, Treasurer and would be audited & agreed by the GC Chair. The Bar Manager would present a spend forecast for the GC monthly meeting to be agreed.
  3. No Capex would be allowed without the explicit agreement of the GC except in exceptional circumstances when the Chair, Secretary & Treasurer could agree emergency expenditure. This would need ratification by the GC at the first opportunity.
  4. A year-round programme of social events would be created with the intention of creating a better cash-flow than at present. This action has already been started with the forming of a Social/Events Committee that has started work on creating a Social Calendar which will be reported on at the monthly GC meetings.
  5. All possible use of Social Media and other more traditional methods of communication will be used to encourage Members & their Guests to attend and support the Social Calendar.
  6. Members will be encouraged to use the club facilities for their own “special events” such as birthdays, etc,
  7. All sections of the club will be actively encouraged to hold section events at the club in addition to their current meetings, AGMs & Presentations and these would be co-ordinated via the Social/Events Committee.
  8. Suppliers would be approached to seek support for Club Events and also to assist wherever possible in improving club facilities.
  9. A Development Officer would be co-opted to the GC with a broad remit of supporting the Three-Year Plan but also to seek sponsorship from local businesses and funding from all possible sources. A quarterly report would be produced for the GC.
  10. Get all sections to work collectively together for the benefit of all members.




This amendment to the Three-Year was presented to the GC on June 5th where it was agreed but with three monthly review added to ensure that all aspects would still be relevant over the coming months.


Development Plan

2017 Three Year Plan – Adopted by CBC&SC General Committee May 2017

Mission Statement

To continue to improve both playing and social facilities for the benefit of the Castle Bromwich community with the emphasis on sustaining the cricketing development of the junior sections. This will ensure the sustainability of competitive and social cricket within Castle Bromwich and neighbourhood.

 Aims & Objectives

To improve all aspects of coaching and development for the benefit of all the local community with the focus upon Castle Bromwich youngsters. This will enable them to play cricket to their highest possible potential whilst always adhering to The Spirit of Cricket.

Club Structure

This is covered under the Club Constitution that will be voted upon by members at the AGM for relevant amendments to support the requirements of Club Mark.

 Sports Development Partners

We currently have sporting partnerships with: - Warwickshire Cricket Board, ECB, County Sports Partnership; District Development Group & Schools Sport Partnership. We also have an excellent relationship with other local cricket clubs – including Water Orton & Coleshill – to assist each other in joint benefits relating to local cricket.

Local Community Links

These are currently: - CB Junior Football, CB Theatre Group, CB Lions, CB Scouts, CB Parish Council & Solihull MBC , Yardley & District Rugby Club and Bromford Lions FC.

Schools Partnerships

These are currently: -

Castle Bromwich Junior School

Timberley Junior & Infant School

Park Hall Academy

Mailing List
Castle Bromwich Cricket Club

Founded in 1953 Castle Bromwich Cricket Club is located in the heart of Castle Bromwich. At present the club has four adult cricket teams – three teams on a Saturday and one Sunday team.

Castle Bromwich Cricket Club places great pride in promoting and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved with grass roots sports with current membership at approximately 100 plus active members.

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