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AGM Minutes

May 2018

Castle Bromwich Cricket & Sports Club

Annual General Meeting

May 4th 2018, 7.00pm in the Clubhouse




President    Apology


Apologies   Ted Richards, P. Kavanagh                18 members present


Minutes      Proposed & agreed to take as read


Chairman  Richard Cupples gave a short report on the club since the last AGM & apologised that he would not be able to complete his full term of office due to business commitments


Secretary    With the position vacant the vice-chair Becki Grantham gave a brief update on GC meetings


Treasurer   Mick Fielding gave a detailed breakdown on the club’s finances and appealed for members to help create more revenue producing events. As a not for profit organisation the books were very carefully balanced to achieve that. After 25 years continuous service on the GC he wished to stand down but offered support to a new treasurer in a 3-month handover period


Social                   Andy Sedgley gave a report on social events and thanked the members for their support during his time in office


Development       No report


Sections      Updates were given with regret expressed at the closure of the Football Section



  1. 1.     Chairman            Becki Grantham    Unopposed
  2. 2.     Vice                      David Sedgley                Unopposed
  3. 3.     Secretary              Neil White            Unopposed
  4. 4.     Treasurer             Clare Skelding                Unopposed
  5. 5.     Social                    Vaughn Manders  Unopposed
  6. 6.     Membership        Richard Cupples   Unopposed
  7. 7.     Other                    All co-opted and section positions would be confirmed at first GC Meeting






          Members were reminded about the impact of GDPR which has already  forced the club to change the membership forms to include a statement of policy and protection of members personal data


The new social secretary (VM) asked for members support in undertaking his role and a number of volunteers came forward. Ian White offered £1000 to help fund new social events, this was greatly appreciated and quickly accepted


          Matt Strong offered suggestions for amendments to the constitution and it was agreed that the new GC would examine this carefully


          Barry Chaplin asked for a Press & Communications Officer to be appointed asap and again the GC would look at this


The outgoing GC proposed, and it was accepted by the meeting that Zaheer Afzal be created a Life Member in recognition of his outstanding service to the club during his years as Chairman


The new Chair thanked all present for their commitment and promised that the new committee would endeavor to represent all the members in improving all aspects of the club during her time in office.



The meeting closed at 20.35


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Castle Bromwich Cricket Club

Founded in 1953 Castle Bromwich Cricket Club is located in the heart of Castle Bromwich. At present the club has four adult cricket teams – three teams on a Saturday and one Sunday team.

Castle Bromwich Cricket Club places great pride in promoting and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved with grass roots sports with current membership at approximately 100 plus active members.

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